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Issue 16
Manchester City's match-winner Rodri features on one cover, while a bespoke illustration adorns the other to commemorate an exciting European season - before it starts all over again.
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Cover stories
When the time came for Manchester City in Istanbul to claim the trophy they most desired, the task proved much tougher than anticipated, until one moment of fortune - fashioned by the brave - saw Rodri drive a finish into the net to hand his side their greatest night in history. And he sat down with us to discuss just how much that moment meant to him, while his coach Pep Guardiola reminisced on the rocky road back to the European summit for the third time in a glittering managerial career.
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Issue 16
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Long Balls
Jesús Navas' eternal love for Sevilla, a charismatic Clarence Seedorf and Barcelona's comeback queens take centre stage, alongside some stunning art while we dive into some history
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