17 March 2021 - Bayern München

Mia san Mia – Bayern's guiding light

FC Bayern München
Alexander Hofmeister

Ever wondered what Bayern München’s motto Mia san Mia actually means? Absolutely everything to Champions Journal fan reporter Alexander Hofmeister

I’m a tour guide at Bayern’s stadium and as I take people around I’m often asked what our Mia san Mia slogan means. Even some Germans struggle to understand it because it’s in Bavarian, emphasising the club’s roots. It literally means “We are who we are”, but there’s more to it than that. A better translation would probably be “We are unique” or “Nobody can touch us”.

Mia san Mia symbolises team spirit, strength and self-confidence, playing dominant football and winning the most important competitions. Thomas Müller defines it as “absolutely believing in success” and this winning mentality is what Mia san Mia is all about. Players must have it in their veins because this attitude can guarantee success. You can see it on the faces of Thomas Müller and Joshua Kimmich in every game.

There was no let up from Hansi Flick against Lazio

Even if the players can’t feel our support at the moment, Mia san Mia is always with them. It’s emblazoned across the empty lower tier of the stadium, a reminder of the trophies still to win and who they are playing for – the fans.

They’ve already given us the biggest gift, winning the Champions League last season, and they achieved that because after seven long years we have recreated a team that embodies the Mia san Mia spirit. Winning this competition twice in a row is tough, but I’m confident because I can still see the winning mentality that took us so far last year.

The home leg against Lazio in the round of 16 proved this again. Before the game, all the media chatter focused on who Hansi Flick would play, suggesting he might field a weaker side because Bayern were already 4-1 up from the away leg. No chance. Bayern do not let up. Bayern always want to win and Flick played his strongest available XI. So we are through to the last eight with an absolute determination to reclaim the crown. That is what Mia san Mia means.

Our Champions Journalist fan reporter:
Alexander Hofmeister
Alexander started supporting Bayern at the same time he began playing the game, aged five. The fact he has played both at left-back and in central midfield means he admires David Alaba in particular, having learned from watching him in action – that, plus finding Alaba’s Austrian accent endearing. Brought up close to Munich, his favourite moment as a Bayern fan was the treble win of 2012/13, especially the intensity of the Champions League final against Dortmund and the emotion of Arjen Robben’s late winning goal. As he puts it, “I just felt the magic of football.”
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Alexander Hofmeister
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