Vinícius Júnior celebrates against Liverpool on Tuesday
06 April 2021 - Real Madrid

A Real Madrid methodology

Real Madrid CF
Valeria Paz

Champions Journalist fan reporter Valeria Paz has a three-point plan for her team’s second leg against Liverpool next week…

On Tuesday night fate put us on the pitch with Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool, who are not in the best form – but we do not underestimate them, particularly as Real Madrid are not covering themselves in glory either. Injuries and Covid-19 continue to affect us and for this game it was our central defenders who suffered: Raphael Varane and captain Sergio Ramos. I was expecting the Reds to relish playing against an incomplete and weakened line-up, but my team is full of surprises.

As a Madridista, the Champions League is the priority for the club I support. So based on that, and after watching this outstanding game, I wish for but three things from the second leg:

1. Our new star to be allowed to shine

This season, at a young age, Vinícius Júnior has stood up to be counted and shown his ability to wear Real’s powerful badge. Zinédine Zidane’s gift was to recognise a skilled player on the end of unfair criticism – and in recent games we have watched him become a star. I hope it continues this way.  

Gareth Bale scores against the Reds in the 2018 final

2. An astounding goal, Bale style

I will never forget the perfection and sharpness of Gareth Bale’s overhead kick in the 2018 Kyiv final against Liverpool. Watching Real Madrid deliver those kinds of moments on the field is what makes football go beyond being just a sport. It gives you joy and pride.

3. The players to give their all at Anfield

It is the first leg; nothing has been decided yet. Real must still go and play as visitors so they cannot afford to slow down, much less lose motivation. We are only halfway there.

Our Champions Journalist fan reporter:
Valeria Paz
Valeria first remembers cheering for Real Madrid as an eight-year-old and was soon sharing her dad’s passion for the club. Her top player is Iker Casillas, who she says, “was, is and will always be my favourite athlete. He taught me that success is not only about effort, but also about patience, passion and about staying true to yourself and your instincts. He’s a living legend.” So far, nothing tops Real Madrid’s 2014 Champions League win against Atlético. “I couldn’t hold back my tears when Ramos scored that 90th minute goal,” she says. “Celebrating with my best friends was unforgettable.”
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Valeria Paz
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