Phil Foden celebrates with Pep Guardiola
14 April 2021 - Manchester City

Could this be our year?

Manchester City
Hannah Watts

That’s the question Champions Journalist fan reporter Hannah Watts is asking as she watches her Manchester City side edge closer to that coveted cup

All the signs were pointing to it being another one of those nights for Manchester City. A night where we had so much possession, pressed high up the pitch and created all the chances but couldn’t convert them – and would, inevitably, lose the game.

I have always felt that being a football fan is both a blessing and a curse. On the good days, the ones that include stunning goals and complete magic on the pitch, it feels like the best sport in the world. Nothing compares to the sheer rush of adrenaline when the ball is rocketed into the top corner. Yet on the bad days, where the dots don’t join up, it’s a sport filled with heartbreak. Penalty misses, red cards and tournament exits are capable of knocking the wind out of even the most dedicated fans.  

Fundamentally, football is just a blend of millions of parasocial interactions that all centre around a shared mutual passion for the beautiful game. I don’t know the players at Manchester City, nor do I know Pep Guardiola, the owner or any of the backroom staff. They don’t know me either. But when Phil Foden swept that ball into the bottom corner and sprinted over to Pep, resembling nothing short of a Mancunian enactment of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam, all of that distance and unknowing went out the window.

They were celebrating on the pitch, I was celebrating at home. Millions were celebrating around the world. And we were all celebrating the same thing: City are finally in the semi-final again. Being one step closer means so much to this club; it makes all those near misses in years gone by worth it, because this season we have gone further, we have done better. With only Paris Saint-Germain standing between us and the final, maybe, just maybe, this time we’ll see it through.

Our Champions Journalist winner:
Hannah Watts
Much to the dismay of her Wolves-supporting family, Hannah became hooked by Manchester City right from the start of her exposure to football, with centre-back John Stones her idea of the perfect defender and always the player she has printed on the back of her replica shirts. The club rewarded her loyalty in the ‘Fourmidables’ season of 2018/19, when she was present at Wembley Stadium to watch City win the FA Cup final 6-0 against Watford and complete an unprecedented clean sweep of the four domestic trophies on offer.
About Champions Journalist: Champions Journalist is an annual competition that gives fans a chance to write about their club for Champions Journal.
Champions Journalist
With thanks to our Champions Journalist winner
Hannah Watts
Champions Journalist is an annual competition that gives fans a chance to write about their club for Champions Journal.