Down and out: Cristiano Ronaldo comes to terms with a tough night for Juve
9 March 2021 - Juventus

Champions League: a survival guide

Gabriele Magro

If the Juventus result last night has left you bereft, fear not: our fan reporter is here with the do’s and don’ts of European elimination...

As a lifetime Juventus supporter, I know a thing or two about coping with the day after elimination from the Champions League. If your team is still in it, save this article for later in the season – it’s probably coming at you too. (Sorry for the pessimism. I guess that’s what losing five Champions League finals in 20 years does to you…)

Do: Get out of bed

Being kicked out in extra time leaves you as tired as if you had played the match yourself. But though weeping in bed might feel constructive at first, it’s only going to make your symptoms more severe. 

Don’t: Stare at the coffee machine while standing motionless in the kitchen, thinking about how life is an endless series of disappointment and trauma

Tempting, but no.

Do: Go for a run

Or listen to a podcast, cook something fancy, build some Lego. Whatever, honestly. Just please, please…

Don’t: Watch the highlights from last night

There is no point in rewatching that absolute delight of an incursion from Juan Cuadrado – the one where he runs beautifully past Luis Díaz and shoots from outside the box, but it hits the crossbar. Or Federico Chiesa elegantly skipping past the keeper and the shot slowly rolling onto the post. Or the disallowed Álvaro Morata goal. Or…

Do: Sorry, I got distracted. Where was I? Oh yeah: repeat this ever-calming mantra: next year is our year, next year is our year, next year is our year…

Once you have internalised that, move on to the next one: I believe in the project, I believe in the project… Then, the third: the team needs time. And finally, the fourth: let’s focus on the league.

Don’t: Look at memes

And if you accidentally do, remember that the ones making fun of you probably didn’t get past the group stage.

Do: Remember how beautiful football is

Even during a full-blown pandemic, the Champions League gave you two full hours of chanting, shouting, and pure adrenalin in your own living room, and that is what the magic is about. It’s beautiful, even when things go wrong. Plus there is nothing to worry about, because next year is our year, the team needs time…

Our Champions Journalist fan reporter:
Gabriele Magro
As soon as he was able to walk and kick and ball, Gabriele began his lifelong relationship with Juventus. Like many children raised in Turin during the first decade of the millennium, he grew up idolising Alessandro Del Piero, though his favourite game is of far more recent vintage. Step forward Cristiano Ronaldo, whose 2019 hat-trick against Atlético in the Champions League round of 16 secured a thrilling turnaround for a Bianconeri side beaten 2-0 in Madrid – and prompted scenes of celebration among supporters that Gabriele hopes will be possible again soon.
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